Hurricane Impact Resistant Doors

Protecting your home against the elements is of great importance to us. That’s why here at Fontrick Door we have developed our newest product, Hurricane Resistant Doors. Our Hurricane doors have been design pressure tested up to 50 psf and can withstand impacts with velocities of up to 15.2 m/s. We also use 5 point locking hardware to make for an extremely secure door. These doors can be made with either a wooden sill or you could go with an aluminum Hydro-sill.

Our Hurricane glass unit is 1” thick, constructed of one sheet of 5/32” thick clear tempered glass inboard, a sheet of 3/8” thick laminated glass outboard, and an aluminum spacer system. The 3/8” laminated glass is comprised of two sheets of 5/32” thick clear annealed glass and a 0.090” thick PVB inter layer. All of this provides the highest safety for your home and all of your belongings.

Hurricane Impact Door Samples